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Benefits and Costs


  • The simple and smarter way to receive your fares converting your credit and debit card fares into goods, services or cash.
  • Have your fares and tips paid to your CabCash Visa card on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) no need to be paid to your bank account.
  • Wherever Visa is accepted, CabCash is accepted - just like any debit card, you can purchase goods or services in shops, by phone, online or alternatively withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide.
  • CabCash is safe and secure, operating on a chip & PIN basis - and eliminates the need to carry large amounts of cash.
  • Keep track of your spending with 24/7 access to your payment transactions and card expenditure online or on the move via your smart phone.

Clear Low Costs

  • Special introductory offer: 10 (ROI: €10.00) set up fee.
  • Low 0.75 (ROI: €1.25) ATM transaction charge regardless of withdrawal amount.